You Can Have the Best IT Services in Newport Beach

You Can Have the Best IT Services in Newport Beach

Managed IT services in Newport Beach is an interesting topic because Newport Beach is an interesting city. There are a lot of businesses in the financial services sector, the medical sector, and there's a high concentration of legal firms.

All three of these industry verticals have very specific cybersecurity compliance requirements around them. That’s why it's so important, when you're choosing IT services in Newport Beach, to make sure that they understand your specific business vertical and what it requires.

If you're in the medical world, for instance, that includes protection of patient information under HIPAA and maintaining records for certain periods of time. In the legal world, there are disclosure requirements, and FINRA is important for financial companies.

With all of these requirements, your IT provider has to provide the specific technical services you need. But you’ll also need advice and guidance on the cybersecurity requirements for your industry.

Serving Newport Beach Businesses

Newport Beach is a unique area that has much to offer businesses, but there are homes and a lot of residential neighborhoods too.

When people are working remotely, for example, an IT service provider needs to know the area and exactly how users can connect remotely if they live further East, for instance, or further inland. You need someone who knows the connections in those areas so that they can have a stable connection to get to work virtually.

For financial and legal companies, it's really important to know those security protocols and how to create those connections. In those industries, it’s crucial to guard against potentially compromised information during that process. And because people are working from home and going into the office in Orange County now, they need both solutions available at all times.

Also, Newport Beach, is one of the most expensive areas in California, if not the country. That said, businesses need the same services there as they need in Anaheim, Irvine, or other surrounding areas. But it's not a good idea to start from a cost standpoint when you're choosing an IT service company.

Choosing IT Services in Newport Beach

First, it's really important to work with them to define what your needs are.

  • What are your compliance needs?
    What are your support needs?
    Are your people in the office?
    Are they remote?
    Where are they located?
    What kind of applications are you running?
    How many things do you have in the cloud?

It's incredibly important to understand the entire picture of what the business needs, and then put together a package of services to meet those needs.

This is very different from shopping for the lowest price, or even for a mid-tier IT provider. You could find yourself in a situation with someone who is technically competent, for example, but doesn’t understand the cybersecurity compliance requirements for your business.

We give this advice a lot — start with a list of what your business needs. A checklist of must-haves. It's like buying a home. What are your must-haves and what are your must-not-haves?

Building a Stable IT Foundation

When you're looking for an IT provider or IT support, you're really looking for a stable solution. You’re looking to create a foundation for your business that has the ability to grow and evolve with you. As businesses scale up today, they become more and more complex and convoluted, especially if they transition from one IT support provider to another.

Frankly, since we're in the industry, we take over IT support services from other people all the time, because we can scale up in that way. And a lot of our clients have been with us for 15 or 20 years because that scaling up has occurred. We've been able to grow with them and provide that support, so they never needed to move to another provider.

We're really blessed and humbled by that, and we know how important it is to be that support system, that foundation, because that's the only way businesses can thrive now. They've evolved to where they need a solid foundation in technology and a support system to anchor their business. That's what CyberTrust has to offer.

Pivoting to Remote Work & Support

One of the things that we’re proud of is that we had a remote services solution in place before it became necessary during the COVID period and the events of 2020. A lot of businesses suffered because their IT provider didn't have it together for remote or off-site services. But we were prepared to provide a variety of options.

Some clients who use IT services in Newport Beach can work from home and access computers in the office through secure connections. They'll be able to do the work as if they're at their desk. And some clients were so happy with that arrangement that they decided they didn’t need a building anymore. We move everything up to the cloud and their employees work from home.

One client, for example, did just that. They were a traditional brick-and-mortar business. They had everybody in an office, no one worked remotely. Then COVID hit and they had to shift quickly. We helped them pivot and send everybody home so that they could log into their on-premise system in the office and continue to work.

Leaving Brick-and-Mortar Behind

That’s worked so well for them that they decided, when their building lease came up for renewal, to let the building go and be a completely virtual company. But they had a significant amount of legacy servers, applications, and infrastructure running their business and that had to be moved from that on-premise location to the cloud.

it services in newport beach

Long story short, within 60 days, we migrated all of those applications and all of that equipment to Microsoft Azure. We put them on a system where we can deliver those applications back to the client with a hosted desktop.

That's just an example of some of the technologies that we can employ to help your business pivot and evolve. You really can continue to do business effectively in the climate that we're in these days.

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