VoIP Phone Services
In Orange County, California

Expand you Business Capabilities with VoIP

If you are not sure about the meaning of “VoIP,” it stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol. With the internet, VoIP has become more and more popular as a great low-cost solution for placing free phone calls through the internet. This way, you don’t even have to worry about having a phone service provider.

VoIP turns an audio signal into digital data that is transmitted back and forth during a call. This is an exciting concept that can also be used on PCs and mobile devices.

There are three ways you can make a VoIP call:

With an Analog Telephone Adapter:

This adapter will make a regular phone connect with an internet connection and turn the analog sounds into digital data to be transmitted through the internet, this is a rapid and simple solution, to use you just have to plug in and connect to your phone.

VoIP Software:

This software allows you to connect your computer to the internet to make calls. This is also a great option; the software converts the real/analog signal and turns into the digital world. This way, you can replace the old calls with these new and free calls. Give us a call; we would love to show you more about Orange County VoIP Services.

VoIP Phones:

These are software-based phones that also converts the real signal into digital data. If your phone system is coming short and not keeping up with your company’s demands, making your business miss calls and sales, maybe it’s the right time to make a change. A Voice Over IP system might be the answer to your problems, at Cybertrust IT Solutions we offer our clients a Taylor-made treatment.

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Using our VoIP solutions, you will be able to focus on other business problems while we take care of your calls and sales.

Top Benefits of CyberTrust IT Solutions VOIP Services
In Orange County, California

Let’s take a look into some of the VoIP services we provide that can help your business:

  • If you are always on the go with work, it could be a great idea to be able to take a call on your phone or a laptop or maybe have easy access to a phone number without running into any issues.
  • Many of our clients suffer from excessive workload – we have the expertise and technology to assure your VoIP system will not have any issues due to the volume of calls for example, and we can make adjustments to the system in case your business grows and expect an even higher amount of sales calls, we will be happy to help.

We Lead the VoIP Services in Orange County, California

  • We keep it simple and affordable – Our company takes care of everything for our clients, installing and setting up a new VoIP system will be an easy and affordable task.
  • Our professionals will help through the whole process and train your team if necessary, to make it a smooth transition into the new system, while always meeting your deadlines and budget. Our VoIP support will grow with your business!

If you’re not getting the VOIP services that your company needs, call us today, and let us help.


Our managed IT services can help free you from necessary, time-consuming tasks like patching, monitoring and management of your IT infrastructure.

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