"Fought Potential Data Breach, Without One Minute of Business Interruption"

“Fought Potential Data Breach, Without One Minute of Business Interruption”

I met Doug Johnson in 2012 at a critical but unusual moment of a potential data breach, which was the first and only time we ever got close, in the 40-year existence of our company. Doug responded with an immediate response to our situation and within hours installed secure hardware and software which headed-off an anticipated cyber-attack after one of our long-term and highly experienced employees literally and unknowingly gave away our company’s security platform to a uncannily talented telephone fraudster. Subsequent to Doug’s intervention, we self-initiated one contract-based, third-party, MILSPEC-level top down cyber-security and data security review and requested security reviews from the information sources that we represent and were advised by all that looked at us that we had not suffered a breach and that our security protocols, firewalls and protective intervention did the trick to a better-than-MILSPEC level security standard. As a result, we maintained our secure-site and secure-data compliance status without one minute of business interruption, passed multiple subsequent site and compliance audits 100% and were praised by the auditors not only for our self-policing, but for initiating a “very” timely response to an anticipated threat at a time when third-party data security evolution was in its infancy. The auditors also lauded the response and professionalism of our computer security team, and for elevating our security platform during the process. Ever since that very stressful moment in our company’s history, we have not had even a blip on the graph, security-wise and thus, I have been a big believer in Doug Johnson and his crew and hire them regularly. I would wholeheartedly recommend them without hesitation and I have many, many times.

Thomas C. Lawson, CFE

The greatest benefit of having had CyberTrust take over our IT Support is that our management team feels confident that our equipment is in safe hands & is being protected 24/7. The CyberTrust team gives us the latest technologies & makes you feel like a trusted partner. We can't compare the previous IT companies we have had to CyberTrust. I have worked 25 years at Borrmann Metal Center & CyberTrust runs circles around the IT companies we worked with in the past. They have given us the IT support to help grow our business. Put your trust in CyberTrust. They have never let us down.

Joel S.
Borrmann Metals

"Keeping Up With Technology Is No Longer An Issue"

“Keeping Up With Technology Is No Longer An Issue”

With the help of CyberTrust IT, we are able to effortlessly keep up with new and advanced technology and security solutions. It’s amazing seeing their knowledgeable, proactive and progressive team in action. When issues do pop up, they are very quick to respond and very friendly and professional.

Joel S.
General Manager
Borrmann Metal Center

Rick C.

The greatest benefit of having had CyberTrust take over our IT Support that we have realized is the level of confidence that I/we now have that our computer systems and entire IT services are being taken care of. Specifically, the immediate and efficient responsiveness that we have received from everyone we have dealt with at CyberTrust. They have been able to get to the core of any issue we have had and have been able to resolve it very quickly.  In addition, when working with us, they have been able to maintain minimal disruption to our systems. If you want to put your mind at ease and know that your IT systems are being handled effectively with a responsive and professional organization, then you should start working with CyberTrust!

Rick C.
West-Tech Materials

"Having Access To Their Extensive Expertise Ensure That We Have A True Partner In Technology"

“Having Access To Their Extensive Expertise Ensure That We Have A True Partner In Technology”

What I like best about CyberTrust IT is the staff’s incredible level of knowledge. They are friendly, patient and always available. The executive team is always willing to help and provide solutions not only in the moment, but ‘big picture’ solutions that are forward-thinking and proactive. They not only provided valuable information, but they also laid out the map to success.

Sophia J.
Director of IT
Social Studies School Service

Andre, Julio and the entire CyberTrust team are OUTSTANDING. They are always so helpful, and they make addressing technical issues (which can be troublesome for day-to-day activities) VERY positive. Nothing is ever a problem, they are very communicative, and the team is full of "people's people", which is a rare find in the IT world!!!

Greg M.
West-Tech Materials

Karen G.

We are a small business with <10 employees. We aren’t in a position to employ an in-house IT department. By employing CyberTrust for our IT requirements, we have access to a highly skilled team at a fraction of the cost. In the past, we would hire a hardware person to install equipment and fix failed components; we hired another individual to install our modem/Wi-Fi; our backups were directed to local disk storage with yet another person. CyberTrust provides a holistic view to our IT support. Not only do they ensure our business has uninterrupted flow of service, they manage our compliance and data security. All of this allows us to stay focused on our core business. CyberTrust always answers the phone. Their front-line support puts us in touch with a technician in a timely manner and follows up to make sure the issue gets solved. They understand what the adverse impact of downtime means to our business. They are proactive. They provide ample notice for scheduled maintenance. They make recommendations for hardware/software upgrades & security tools/procedures. They are sensitive to our budgets. They present multiple solutions and explain the cost benefit of each, often with a phased-in approach. In the end, CyberTrust is more than an IT Support provider, they are one of our critical business partners.

Karen G.

The greatest benefit of having had CyberTrust take over our IT Support is that they are trustworthy and knowledgeable. Our previous IT Support was dry and unwelcoming. CyberTrust has a genuine, friendly and high quality service. CyberTrust is there when you need them, every time!

Thomaz F.
Borba Property Group

The greatest benefit of having had CyberTrust take over our IT Support is the security of knowing that there are experts monitoring our servers to ensure that we do not become victims of another devastating cyber-attack. CyberTrust provides a very quick response time on issues. We once contacted them late at night and we had an evaluation team at our facility the very next day! They always have a clear sense of urgency when restoring our normal business operations and have been very methodical and logical when tackling our cyber-attack issues. We were being attacked from all sides and the staff at CyberTrust were compassionate and expedient in putting a stop to the immediate threats. This saved us from losing a lot of time and from our data being compromised.

Laura M.
Off Road Engineering

The greatest benefit of having CyberTrust take over our IT Support would be the peace of mind I have. I rest assured knowing that there is a team of professionals on our side, monitoring our systems and backups. The employees at CyberTrust have great communication. We always know who, what, when and where our issues are being addressed. I can honestly say that moving to CyberTrust was one of the best business decisions that I made.

MaryJane C.
Connector Distribution Corporation

The greatest benefit of having had CyberTrust take over our IT Support is the unlimited access to tech support. We can always call with the knowledge that whoever answers the phone will be able to help us. The wait time is minimal to non-existent. CyberTrust feels like part of our family because they treat us as such. I have been able to get to know Matt, Mike, Julio, Sophia, and many others just by calling in. I feel that they are a part of our firm and that I am just calling "upstairs" to get support. It does not feel like they are a separate entity that is miles away from our firm. The employees at CyberTrust are personable, they think outside the box and assist with special projects, and they act as a trusted consultant. They are our thought-partner when it comes to IT, and I have even had them on calls with me for other technology platforms to help us answer questions. They were able to rethink the best way to utilize elements of our technology platforms and also envisioned alternate workflows that will help us with day-to-day efficiencies, all while providing a high level of responsiveness. We did not receive this type of service from our last IT firm!

Patricia M.
Adams & Associates

Aaron P.

The greatest benefit of having had CyberTrust take over our IT Support is the fact that they have been a partner from the very beginning. They explained the different options and prices in moving our telephone systems and services to the cloud. Once the implementation took place, the process was smooth. Their technicians were always available and ready to solve any issues that arose. We have regular check-ins, and they are always responsive, especially to urgent requests. They did a great job with getting our servers, telephones, and all our mission critical applications and data into the Cloud. We really feel that they care about digital well-being and that we are partners in an increasingly complex (and sometimes dangerous) network-based world. We have really been quite delighted with our partnership with CyberTrust.

Aaron P.
Social Studies School Services

Jason S.

The greatest benefit of having had CyberTrust take over our IT Support is the personal service we receive as well as the quick response time.

Jason S.

Luis E.

The greatest benefit of having had CyberTrust take over our IT Support is the peace of mind we have knowing that CyberTrust is doing everything possible to secure our data and that of our clients and keep it safe from outside intruders. Being able to concentrate on other aspects of running your business is another perk of partnering with CyberTrust.

Luis E.
Continental Interpreting Services

The greatest benefit of having had CyberTrust take over our IT Support is that they are highly responsive despite the time difference between our companies. Their systems are kept up to date and they are continuously improving their cybersecurity. We were also impressed with the implementation of MFA for email. CyberTrust has the tools and personnel to support with little need for onsite assistance from company employees. They have it all and are a one stop solution for your IT needs including hardware, software, support, and continuous reviews to ensure that all your needs are taken care of.

Bob W.
R.B. Dwyer

Tim S.

The greatest benefit of having had CyberTrust take over our IT Support is that I have been able to focus on the business instead of troubleshooting IT issues. The entire CyberTrust team understands our business and how to troubleshoot issues. In the past, we were reliant on a one-man band and if they were gone or busy, no one else could help us. If you are on the fence about choosing CyberTrust as your IT firm, you should really go through the process of having an audit done so that you will realize how much you could be overlooking by handling your IT yourself.  It will also become evident that you are cutting corners and that your systems, software, and applications are likely outdated, running slow and open to security issues.

Tim S.

CyberTrust provides a wide array of top-tier services. The greatest benefit of having had CyberTrust take over our IT support is access to their IT expertise and the benefit of having many minds to proactively protect and address our company's needs. Doug and his team have continually, and without fail, been flexible and creative in their solutions. You really can't go wrong with CyberTrust. They have your back 24/7/365 and even more if it were physically possible. Put your trust in CyberTrust, they won’t let you down.

Robert M.

Bob L.

The greatest benefit of having had CyberTrust take over our IT Support is the high responsiveness to our needs. CyberTrust is more responsive than other technical support firms for our network and desktops. We can email or phone and get confirmation that someone will be ready to help. If it is urgent, we get an expert patched through to us in minutes. They are knowledgeable. They come onsite as needed. They are very friendly. They are also easy to work with. My confidence with CyberTrust is such that I recommend them to my friends and clients that need desktop and network support.

Bob L.
Source Data

Todd L.

The greatest benefit of having had CyberTrust take over our IT Support is not having to worry about maintenance of our IT infrastructure, including scaling and growth. I feel like I can be almost completely hands off and know that we will be taken care of. CyberTrust plans and makes sure that our systems are always up to date and ready to move to new and more efficient technologies as soon as they become mainstream. What would happen to your business if your IT systems went down for unknown reasons? We are living in extraordinary times, where the world of business is increasingly dependent on technology. For many, the answer to the previous question is they would be dead in the water. Having a partner like CyberTrust to navigate the growing complexity of business IT systems takes this uncertainty off the table and out of your daily concerns.  Like many business owners and managers, for me that peace of mind alone is a priceless benefit.

Todd L.
Pool Engineering

"CyberTrust IT has helped us grow our top and bottom line."

Our association with CyberTrust IT has been fantastic. Their skills and proactive nature have helped us grow our top and bottom line. From supporting the IT aspects of our trade shows and user conferences to managing our call center's VOIP network, CyberTrust IT has been a welcome team to support our complex IT environment.

Dean S.

We can always count on CyberTrust IT to be there for us. We don't have to think about technical issues anymore. Our systems always work!

Marsha G.

We were looking for a company we could respect, was educated, proactive, solution oriented, organized, detailed, honest, a partner in our business and we found CyberTrust IT! We started out with a small package to test out their services and see what we needed. We were so happy with the service and professionalism of the CyberTrust IT team that we signed on for the CyberCare Advanced package – which is well worth it.

Joan R.

Doug and his team at CyberTrust IT are always there when we need them. Their attention to detail and technical expertise have helped us streamline our processes and stay organized as we continue to grow as a company. Having CyberTrust IT on board has had a tremendously positive impact on our bottom line.

Mike H.

These days everyone is watching their balance sheets and as such it’s a natural reaction to be price-sensitive when bringing in new vendors. That said, our firm would be much worse off today if that was the only factor we looked at when we placed our business with CyberTrust IT several years ago. To say we had stability issues with our servers before we partnered up with CyberTrust IT would be an understatement. As such our initial concern was to ‘put the fires out’ and get our infrastructure stabilized. Not only was CyberTrust IT able to deliver on this initial demand they’ve advanced our systems to the point that we are one of CyberTrust IT’s most stable clients in terms of system uptime. I attribute this to CyberTrust IT’s partnership style approach to our business needs. Rather than wait around for a fire to put out we regularly assess our needs, meet with CyberTrust IT to discuss and they will return with options that best fit our business and our budget.

Patrick T.

We started out our business with choosing the “least expensive” bid and ended up with the “cheapest” solution. We have recognized over the past three years that our mistake at the beginning has cost us twice as much as we would have originally paid if we had selected a provider who quoted us realistic prices. The secondary result of our bad decision is that we are living with a system that was built on a very weak foundation. Fortunately, after two other providers tried to fix our situation, we found CyberTrust IT Solutions, they have done an outstanding job with understanding our current configuration, making our current investment perform for us, assessing our upcoming needs and planning for the future!

Judy G.

Thank you for everything you have done for Alteryx. Your wisdom and professionalism are not easy to find, and Alteryx is lucky to have found you. I look forward to continuing to work with you and your team.

Darren W.