6 Best Cyber Security Practices To Protect Your Business

6 Best Cyber Security Practices To Protect Your Business

Cybercrime has caused pain in the neck for the majority of organizations across the world. Data breaches create headlines nowadays, and COVID-19 has made us realize the urgent requirement of improved cyber security practices and defense solutions against the emerging threat. For cyber attackers, small and medium-sized businesses have become an easy target. According to the Global State of Security, 66% of companies have experienced a data breach within 12 months. As cyberthreats are becoming more frequent organizations, have to be more alert and proactively invest in the business parts that require more security.

We have put together six cybersecurity practices that you need to prioritize for your business.

1. Reliable Offsite Back-up Solution

The best way to protect your organization and ensure it is fit enough to deal with cyber security threats is to outsource the cyber security services. CyberTrust IT Solutions provides cyber security services in Orange County. They come with expertise, experience, and technologies that can shield your organization against the rising cyber security threats.

2. Regular Patching

One of the essential cyber security strategies should be patch management. You will come across new vulnerabilities if patches are not applied, and cybercriminals can take advantage of these vulnerabilities and enter your network.

A patch is generally a code applied in software to improve the application's stability. It is essential to keep the device up-to-date and free from threats.

3. Two Factor Authentication

It provides a double layer of security and protects businesses from a crippling data breach, and stops the attack in the attempting stage. With username and password, two-factor authentication requires a code, pin, token, or fingerprint. Thus two-factor authentication helps employees work remotely with access to company data without compromising on the corporate network.

4. High-Quality Security Training for Employees

Sometimes employees unknowingly provide information to cyberattackers. With the advancement in technology, networks have become harder to breach. Thus hackers are targeting employees as they have become an easy way to penetrate the network. For this reason, it's essential to provide security awareness training to employees on how to figure out and respond to the growing cyber threats.

5. Identify Data Processing Activities and Information Assets

Organizations need to have a robust cybersecurity strategy to identify the risk. Thus it's wise to have a thorough audit of data processing activities and information assets. This process will allow organizations to identify their valuable data, its location, and access. Cyber Security Consultants in Orange County regularly audit data processing activities, which will help safeguard data and curb organizational risk.

6. Prepare An Incident Response Plan

To efficiently deal with any unwanted data breaches, organizations need to have an efficient reporting structure to enable staff to figure out and report incidents quickly. This reporting strategy will help identify incidents to resolve issues promptly.


To deal with cyber security in Orange County CyberTrust IT Solutions can be the best fit. We provide 24/7 service to identify and resolve issues before it affects the organization's productivity and efficiency. We provide a layered approach that provides businesses the best chance to stay secure.