5 Major Ways Mission Viejo Managed IT Services Beats Break-Fix IT

5 Major Ways Mission Viejo Managed IT Services Beats Break-Fix IT

Your IT department is an indispensable part of your company. It helps your employees be productive and provides you with a robust communication infrastructure to serve your clients effectively. Moreover, it allows you to quickly look up cat videos on the internet during your lunch break. With digitalization and organizations expanding their scope, Managed IT services in Mission Viejo, California have marked its industry presence.

A few years back, full-time onsite IT staff were not affordable to all companies; they depended on the break-fix IT model. In this model, you need to call for assistance if some technical glitches are repaired! But it is not helpful in the long run. Companies have expanded their scope from a couple of computers and printers to cloud services, file share, a network of Wi-Fi, and productivity platforms. Thus outsourcing Managed IT services has become essential for business.

Here are 5 ways how IT services in Mission Viejo, California can serve you better than Break-Fix IT

1. 24/7 Monitoring Services

You won’t get an early sign if an emergency strikes your business. While neither you nor your managed service provider can predict the future, their business model places them in a better position to provide the assistance you require. And, while break-fix IT may sound appealing, you never know how far down their call queue you'll be. Because they only operate on demand, they will not anticipate your call for assistance and may be ill-equipped to respond to it.

2. Eliminates Unpredictable Cost

Unpredictability is a part of life, and it becomes even more complicated when it comes to budget. When you collaborate with IT Support Services in Mission Viejo, California you receive a predictable, monthly recurring cost covering routine support and the occasional emergency. On the other hand, the break-fix model always comes at an unexpected expense. At best, it's challenging to budget for, and at worst, it's a blow to your yearly profit margin.

3. Saves Maintenance Time

Some companies have an internal IT department overseeing IT maintenance and management, while others don't. Outsourcing IT maintenance ensures that your network and servers are maintained and monitored while freeing up your staff's time to focus on more productive endeavors.

4. Proactive Approach

To ensure that your IT department is dedicatedly working on other core tasks, you need your service providers to be proactive. You might have to concentrate on several different aspects of your business. When you engage in break-fix IT assistance, you do not benefit from an aggressive strategy that does not allow the IT department to impact your productivity. When you choose CyberTrust IT Solutions, we proactively handle all upgrades, system installation, and network maintenance.

5. Zero Prevention Strategy

As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure. Unfortunately, this is not something that break-fix IT companies are familiar with. After all, they only work when you're not there. They are not present before or following the service call. So how will they look into preventative maintenance to limit possible downtime and prevent many problems from occurring?

Wrap Up!!

How is your company's information technology managed and maintained? Are you still fixing your hardware when it breaks down instead of taking proactive steps to prevent it from happening in the first place? Reconsidering your approach to IT management can be an easy way to free up finances for other areas of your organization while also significantly improving operations. Look no further than CyberTrust IT Solution if you are thinking about reconsidering your IT management. Contact us today to deliberate on your options.