Great IT Services in Tustin That Will Help Your Company

Great IT Services in Tustin That Will Help Your Company

What do businesses need to know about IT services in Tustin, California?

First, Tustin is an attractive city for law offices and CPAs. As one of the older cities in Orange County, there is a lot of office space there that is well-structured for those industries, especially along Irvine Avenue.

Tustin’s proximity to Santa Ana, which is the county seat of Orange County and where the county and federal courts are, is also important.

As you drive through Tustin, you’ll also see a lot of smaller office complexes that are ideal for professional services. CPAs, accountants, legal, and other businesses related to those industries.

It's also right next to Irvine, which is one of the largest business centers in Orange County. That proximity makes it easy for attorneys, CPAs, and professional service firms to have easy access to visit their clients.

Challenges Facing IT Services in Tustin

Some of the common challenges that we see while providing IT services in Tustin stem from the fact that Tustin is an older city in Orange County.

For that reason, the internet and telecommunications infrastructure there is older. It's being improved, and it’s accessible everywhere, but there are some areas of Tustin where it is difficult to get good internet connectivity.

Fiber, for example, is not available everywhere, and cable internet is not available everywhere either. Sometimes you have to look at fixed wireless. And it's important for an IT service provider to know what the infrastructure is and what's available for a business before they start making changes or recommendations.

For instance, let’s say you’re thinking about going to the cloud. More internet bandwidth will be required, If you’re switching to Voiceover IP phone systems, you’ll need very stable internet connections. And it's important for the IT service provider to know the lay of the land and what's available to the client.

How is CyberTrust Positioned to Support Businesses in Tustin?

The CyberTrust team has extensive experience with CPAs, law firms, and the applications that they run. Our office is located very close to Tustin. We are in that area often. And we can get there very quickly if on-site services are required.

We also have deep experience in cloud, virtual desktops, and Office 365. And we know how to implement those updates for all of the professional services and businesses in Tustin.

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