5 tips to increase your email security through IT services in Irvine

5 tips to increase your email security through IT services in Irvine

To run a successful enterprise, it is essential to protect your emails from all unwanted attacks. Email act as a vector due to its popularity. As an enterprise, you need to take measures to secure your email accounts against attacks and attempts to get unauthorized access to accounts. You also want your employees to be not tricked with emails consisting of malware as an attachment designed to give an original look. This reason is enough for you to consider Managed IT Services Irvine provider for email security.

Let's have a look at 5 tips to increase your email security through IT services in Irvine.


Emails are not safe from cybercrimes. IT services in Irvine can be essential in assisting you with end-to-end encryption. Encryption provides data transfer on and off-site. Especially in modern times, the shift towards decentralization encryption is the best choice for small and medium-sized organizations.

Transport Layer Security

Transport Layer Security can keep the message safe during the passage time or from a Google account. Still, it cannot protect the emails from phishing or assure comprehensive privacy when it is delivered at the recipient side. All email servers might not be compatible with Transport Layer Security. As Google wants to stop spam, Transport Layer Security will assist it in viewing emails, and many businesses will not be comfortable with this facility.

Transport Layer Security might not allow to and from of servers for comprehensive security. Here you might need Secure Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (S/MIME). Cyber security provider in Irvine suggests implementing S/MIME security as it is designed for small and medium-size business and enterprise-level business.

S/MIME security encrypts emails with key specifics, and the recipient can only decrypt them. None of the employees from Google can see them.

Avoid Webmail Platforms

Web-based email service enables users to access the email account through the web browser. It becomes difficult for the IT personnel to manage webmails than corporate emails, as they are an easy point of target by attackers. Ensure that "https" appears in the address bar if you access your email through the internet. This will ensure a secure connection.

Remove Phishing And SPAM Emails

One of the best ways to reduce SPAM and phishing emails is to use domain keys identified mail (DKIM). It's an email authentication method, which allows the recipient to verify the email and its domain. The recipient can also check whether the email has been tampered with or not.


If an attacker receives access to your system, this could turn into a dangerous situation for you, costing your time, money, essentially client trust. Therefore, providers of cybersecurity in Irvine suggest you go out of the way to ensure that your network is secure and safe and your employees are following the best security practices. There are numerous actions that you can take to enhance your virtual defense and encryption is the best way of safety mechanism from your end.