The Top 3 MSP Cost Myths

The Top 3 MSP Cost Myths

Do you know how much a managed service provider (MSP) should cost your business? We're bringing out (and busting) three MSP cost myths today.

Myth Number 1: The MSP Cost is Too High

Your business is growing. Your business is thriving and as it moves forward, new challenges come up. There are new risks in cybersecurity and new technologies to help you be agile and move forward.

With a Managed Service Provider, you're hiring a team of experts in the following areas:

A Managed Service Provider is a cost-effective way to engage these services. Because it would be impossible to find one person who knows every aspect of IT that your company needs, especially in today's environment.

That's a lot of value from working with a Managed Service Provider. Further, partnering with an MSP can propel your business forward.

MSP Cost Myth Number 2: Managed Service Providers Will Nickel & Dime You

To be fair, some MSPs might nickel-and-dime you, but we don't.

We offer an all-you-can-need service. We structure our agreements such that there is a flat rate for the services we provide. You pay a predictable amount every month.

Further, you won't receive random invoices for services that are outside of the agreement. We structure our agreements to cover all the necessary bases so that you have a predictable cost for IT.

Many times, things happen in your business. Take Jane in the accounting department, for example, who might have an older PC with a problem. She calls the help desk all the time to get help with her computer but, in fact, that computer needs to be rebooted or even replaced.

With some Managed Service Providers, there would be a charge every time she calls. But with us, there isn't.

We have a flat rate for our remote support. We also can include onsite services at a flat rate if you choose. Because first, we resolve critical issues to make your network more efficient. As a result, we don't have to come out on-site as often.

We offer the option to include onsite services or our remote services. And that allows you to gain control of your cost and not incur charges every time you pick up the phone.

A True Partnership

We want our clients to be in partnership with us. We don't want them to see dollar signs in our eyes every time we interact, or to wonder "how much is it going to cost me this time?" That's not a partnership. That's sitting across the table from each other.

We sit next to each other at the table. We're partners in this. When your network works, that's when we make a profit on your account. If your network has a bunch of problems, or we're taking a lot of calls for it, that affects our profitability. It's in our best interest to maintain a smooth and efficient network.

Myth Number 3: Managed Service Providers Cost More than In-House

This one may or may not be true depending on the cost of your in-house resource. But in-house resources come to you with what they know. They learn what you have, and then the learning stops.

In-house IT only maintains your network at this point. They're not moving things forward to you. They aren't attending trade shows and conferences. And they aren't up to speed on new technologies and cybersecurity requirements. And in the long run, that can cost you more.

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Your in-house IT staff should know how to protect your network. And they should also understand the threats that exist today. Otherwise, you could have a catastrophic event. And that could cost you your whole business. Managed Service Providers ensure that these things don't happen. We're in the business of mitigating risk for you.

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