Know How Much IT Support Your Company Needs

Know How Much IT Support Your Company Needs

Lots of small and medium-sized businesses start off with an IT department that meets their needs. But creating a secure and robust IT environment for growing teams often requires more in-depth technical knowledge. IT support services provide that assistance to get businesses where they need to be.

What are IT Support Services?

Businesses with 10-100 employees often don't have enough work for a full-time IT department. A managed IT services company like CyberTrust, therefore, provides IT support services on a regular or as-needed basis.

It can be expensive to have an IT department or even your own full-time IT technician on staff. And even when a company chooses to hire an IT person, they may not have all of the necessary skills to support the different aspects of IT within that business.

IT support services are a cost-effective resource to ensure that you have all the tools you need for IT in every area of your business. The expertise of a managed service provider like CyberTrust gives you those tools so you don't have to rely on one employee 24/7.

Further, when you hire an IT person, they bring their existing knowledge and skillsets, learn what you have on-site, and then the learning usually stops. Internal employees don't have the time or the ability to keep learning, attend conferences, and gain exposure to new industry innovations.

Because CyberTrust supports clients in many different industries, we have programs to train and certify our team and attend industry conferences regularly. Our team brings a wide range of resources to bear, not just the skillset of one individual.

IT Support Specialist vs. Managed IT Services

IT support services make sure your business is effective and efficient, but they also need expert knowledge to create an environment for your business to succeed.

Also, a good IT support specialist should understand the platforms your company needs. That's something else to look for. Because technicians can have knowledge in lots of different areas, but that knowledge doesn’t matter if they can't produce results or fix issues for your business.

IT support specialists and managed services are very different. Managed service providers do more than one person can. At CyberTrust, our team of experts has tools, hardware, software, certifications, and licenses for managing business environments consistently, efficiently, and effectively around the clock.

Virtual CIO & Cybersecurity

A managed service provider can also provide virtual CIO services, which can be very important to a company. Having an IT expert at the table with your company’s C-level executives can ensure that the company’s vision and direction will be supported by the best possible solutions.

Also, cybersecurity is extremely important in IT today. Managed service providers or IT support specialists must have a grasp of cybersecurity.

Bad actors and hackers are looking to destroy businesses, or at least distract businesses long enough to extract money in lots of industries. So it's extremely important that whoever you choose has a background in cybersecurity.

That’s another reason virtual CIO services are essential. Companies need that knowledge. If you're considering an IT support specialist, they won’t be the most effective resource for identifying what your company needs.

A virtual CIO who cares about your company and wants to provide the solutions that your business needs is much more effective. The experts by your side can provide the support your company needs and solutions specific to your business.

Pricing Your IT Support Services

Cost is an important consideration for what your company needs. And managed services give you a bundled package at a more effective cost.

If you're hiring an IT support specialist, it’s often one person providing a la carte services. You're purchasing one item at a time. They may provide antivirus protection, or “break/fix” services. These line-item services may cover your business for the moment, but you'll pay for each service individually.

Managed service providers and virtual CIO services are more efficient because we're thinking three steps ahead about your full package. We'll provide you with a toolset at this bundled price, for example, but we'll also make sure that you’re supported for the next six to 12 months. Once your business starts scaling, we’ll be there to help you succeed and plot the best path forward.

In-Depth Assessment

Figuring out what your business needs and how much it will cost starts with an in-depth assessment.

Our client engagements always include an on-site visit early in the process. We do an in-depth assessment of the existing IT. We look at the servers, the routers, the firewall, and ask questions about business processes and your business goals are.

Your assessment should also factor in costs like existing copiers, internet connections, and phone systems. We look at the entire package to come back with a solution that addresses all the needs of the business.

Proactive vs. Reactive Support

We look at IT holistically rather than as a series of individual problems.

A lot of IT support specialists wait until something breaks to address problems, but we choose to be proactive, not reactive. That’s what managed services should be. Instead of fixing problems, we prevent them from happening in the first place.

We establish a Plan A, Plan B, and Plan C, which sets the tone for what we can offer. We explain that six- or 12-month timeline and clients get it. They understand that proactive managed services includes a long-term view.

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