5 Common Misconception About Outsourced IT Services

5 Common Misconception About Outsourced IT Services

With freelance sites and apps becoming very popular these days, and more people working from home, the idea of outsourcing has become more common than ever before. 

But unfortunately, there are a few misconceptions about outsourcing things such as IT support services that may make people leery about choosing to outsource rather than hiring people in-house. Below are five misconceptions about outsourcing IT services that many people have and the truth behind them.

There will be a Language or Culture Barrier?

Even though outsourcing to another country is an option, it’s also possible to outsource in your own country. Outsourcing onshore is growing, which means that outsourcing to companies in your own country is a market that’s become very trustworthy. It’s no longer necessary to call at 3 in the morning to speak with someone.

It’s Cheaper to Have In-House Staff?

This is one of the mistakes that people make when they want to argue against outsourcing. Both in-house and outsourced managed IT services personnel have their costs. When you have staff in house that you are working with, you have to hire them, train them and pay them. This includes benefits, overtime, etc. 

The cost associated with this almost always will be more than when you work with outsourced personnel. Not only that, but you need to consider the values of the electric, the space that they take up, etc. 

When you weigh the two options, look at all of the costs you pay for someone in the house and the amount you’ll pay for outsourcing. You may find that it’s much cheaper.

I Won’t Have Control of the Network

This is one of the biggest fears. You are putting your system in someone else’s hands. However, it’s important to note that you are still in control. You will have the same authority and say that you’d have with your in-house team. 

Ensure that you’re communicating with the IT service providers, giving those timelines and feedback, and talking in-depth about your expectations. When you have progress checkpoints, the work is going to be supervised and done well.

Outsourced IT has Lower Quality Support & Slower Response Time

Many people believe that you aren't caring about that team if you’re not on a team. But tell that to all the many professional sports fans who aren’t on a pro team, but they care deeply about it. IT service providers are fans of your business. Their job is to ensure that you’re given the coverage and support that is needed. Even though you aren’t seeing them face to face, this in no way means that they’re not giving you their loyalty.

You might also think that their response time will be slower because the service isn’t in your office. The truth is, when you are outsourcing IT, you’re going to have many more engineers that are available to help your company simultaneously than when there are only a couple that is working in the office. Your issues will be dealt with correctly and quickly.  Response Time for IT Support Is a LOT Slower

It’s Only for Large Companies

Outsourcing is great because it can be scaled. So, large and small companies can benefit from it. You can customize packages based on your needs. The great thing is that if your company grows, your IT services can grow with it. If you have a leaner year, it’s possible to scale back your benefits. The best part is that you don’t have to feel bad about firing anyone, either. 

If you have a company, whether it’s large or small, and you are considering outsourcing your managed IT services, we hope that we have put your concerns to rest. If you have any questions about our services or what we can do for you, please let us know. We’ll be glad to work on a plan that’s right for your needs.