What Does A Santa Ana Cyber Security Consultant Do To Protect Your Business From Cyber-Attacks?

What Does A Santa Ana Cyber Security Consultant Do To Protect Your Business From Cyber-Attacks?

Within the cybersecurity sphere, several factors come into play when determining the causes of a security breach. Hackers are on a constant mission to locate and expose weak or underperforming security systems, often at the expense of a small or medium-sized business resources.


Our Cyber Security Consultants in Santa Ana are also on a mission— to pinpoint which mishaps are leading to the most security issues within your IT system. The role of a Cyber Security Consultant in Santa Ana is an active one. This means that while you may think your network or software programs are running at acceptable levels, there could be exposed areas within the IT underbelly that could cause potential security issues down the line. We defend your network’s integrity with a comprehensive set of services. 


It’s easy to go to bed every day with the belief that your network is safe, based on the same day-to-day protocols in place, until one day, a million of your company’s files are lost or worse— stolen. In fact, cyber-attacks exposed 4.1 billion records in just the first 6 months of 2019. According to the World Economic Forum, the same year saw cyber-attacks added to the list of the top five risks to global stability. While we hold no claims to sleep science, we can assure you’ll sleep soundly with our services operating on the forefront, and within the fabric of your network’s security. 


True, while addressing security factors is a fundamental part of what Cyber Security Consultants in our Santa Ana office do, the need for the everyday maintenance of a security network remains. 


What works for a large multinational corporation may not work for you, and vice versa. Small and medium-sized businesses are unfortunately commonly found on the forefront for cyber-attacks. Prevention is key to keeping your IT systems running as efficiently as a well-oiled machine.


Here’s a snapshot of how our Cyber Security Services Santa Ana goes to work for your business:


  • Testing - Our Cyber Security Consultants make testing your systems, software, and networks a priority. We measure each portion of intelligent technology your business is using to screen for weaknesses. After assigning a rating to technology, we can better assess what needs to be done to strengthen the security of your employees' security on a day-to-day basis. 


  • Firewall protocols - Most businesses have firewalls set up within their network— if not, there should be. Cyber Security Services Santa Ana ensures that your firewall works synonymously with your network to keep your files, login information, and backups safe. If a firewall is not working up to par with your network, changes need to be made. We’re here to optimize your network accordingly.


  • Your “inside” person - We know how hackers, phishers, and other security malice operate—both human and not. In fact, our qualified consultants detect and understand the same practices and methods common hackers use today. Our Cyber Security Consultants in Santa Ana use the same programming languages as tools to keep your network and systems in check. We employ sophisticated encryption techniques to keep your files safe when sending and receiving information over the internet. 


  • Threat models – Santa Ana Consultants use threat models to understand better and prioritize what your system needs in terms of prevention and/or mitigation. We continuously keep our clients in mind when designing models used to address potential risks. We recognize which measures to add and which measures to toss, based on your small to medium-sized business. 


Our Cyber Security Santa Ana team knows your network better than anyone else— and we intend to keep it that way. Take the steps today to keep your network from being exposed to unwanted cyber-security attacks. CyberTrust IT Solutions puts your network to work— for you and your workplace. 


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