Types of IT Services Offered by Managed IT Service Providers in Irvine

Types of IT Services Offered by Managed IT Service Providers in Irvine

Regardless of whether you need turnkey solutions or supplementary support for your business IT staff in Irvine, there’s no need to look too far. Most businesses often require specialized and professional IT support services from IT providers in a bid to enhance their ROI (return on investments). The IT services offered by Managed IT service providers in Irvine are no different than those offered by IT providers in different parts of the United States. What makes them unique is their high level of professionalism and dedication meeting up with IT support needs in Irvine.

What are Managed IT Services?

Managed IT service, otherwise referred to as outsourced IT, is a specialized third-party service that provides infrastructural, Information &Technology, and technical support to businesses and organizations. They are also referred to as Managed Service Providers (MSPs). 

The Managed IT Service providers in Irvine offer a wide variety of services ranging from VoIP solutions, cybersecurity, IT project management, desktop support, server support, visualizations, backup recovery, and lots more. Most often, businesses turn to hire Managed IT services when they can’t afford an in-house permanent IT team, or when they just prefer to go for the benefits and expertise that outsourced IT comes with.

Generally, IT-related problems can be so broad and challenging. This is the reason most businesses sign up for expert MSP services. Moreover, knowing the various service options is one thing, and picking what suits your needs can be a massive hurdle itself. 

In Speaking of IT services, there are numerous Managed IT services Irvine. Some of which include:



  • Managed Networks 


With this service, Managed IT service providers professionally handle network-related tasks in their entirety. This generally includes setting up WAPs, LAN, and other preferred connections for businesses. They also manage storage and backup options.



  • Managed Help & Support Services


This option is quite common among IT service providers in Irvine. It generally covers all IT-related HELP and SUPPORT services from basic troubleshooting to sorting advanced system issues.



  • Managed Security


This is an across-the-board service for remote security structures. The managed security service covers everything from anti-malware options to BDR (Backup Designated Router) solutions.    



  • Managed Print Services


The managed print service provides remote IT Support to assist with file and data infrastructure. This is often the best for organizations and businesses with significantly complex file and data management needs.



  • Managed ‘Software as a Service’ (SaaS)


This specialized service is what Managed IT providers offer businesses with typically subscription-based software platforms. Some examples include Office 365, anti-virus software, and universal communications software.



  • Managed Cloud Services


This is amongst the most in-depth services offered by Managed IT providers. Managing cloud infrastructures entails handling storage, computing, network, software, and other IT-related tasks. Moreover, some IT service providers in Irvine like CyberTrust IT Solutions offer visualization services for software, apps, operating systems, and lots more.



  • Managed IT Support


Looking beyond specialized IT services, there’s the possibility of implementing support via staff services. Generally, IT support is a critical area, especially since work-related issues of different types and severity occur every day. However, seeking Managed IT support is the most ideal thing to do.



  • Data Analytics


This is yet another professional service whereby businesses and organizations can get data management monitoring services and expert data analytics. This service is centered around business intelligence to create roadmaps for enhanced business performance and target specific market trends.


  • Managed Communication Services


The Managed Com Services offers a wide range of features including VoIP (voice over internet protocol), messaging software, video, and data. It is worth noting that an IT service provider can fully take responsibility and operate as a third-party call center.


IT is an indisputable necessity! Technology boosts the modern way of life! Even the smallest of organizations, networks, and businesses need some degree of IT support.

If your organization or business is plagued by IT issues, be it as basic as troubleshooting errors or huge drops and failures in system performances, it’s a sensible decision to seek professional assistance from CyberTrust IT Solutions because we’re among the best IT Service providers in Irvine.


To know more about the types of IT services offered by Managed IT Service Providers in Irvine, feel free to contact CyberTrust IT Solutions.