10 Cybersecurity Threats That Small and Mid-Size Businesses Face

10 Cybersecurity Threats That Small and Mid-Size Businesses Face

If you own a multinational business, you probably have cybersecurity service on board that can protect your business from cyber-attacks. If you have a small IT budget, you cannot afford to hire a full-time cybersecurity service. “Smaller businesses are not the target of hackers” is a general misconception that can lead to more significant losses later on.

The internet holds a lot of security threats for your organization if you are running a small or mid-size business. CyberTrust IT Solutions – an Orange County Cybersecurity Service provider, offers cybersecurity services for small and mid-sized companies. Here are the top 10 cybersecurity threats generally faced by smaller businesses:

1. Ransomware Attacks

Most of the small organizations fall prey to ransomware attacks due to a lack of cybersecurity services in Orange County. Ransomware attacks can cost you thousands of dollars. If you don’t pay the said amount to the hackers, your files will remain encrypted.

2. Phishing Attacks

Phishing emails and scams are the biggest cybersecurity threats to small and mid-sized businesses. Due to the lack of cybersecurity consultancy, employees end up clicking on the malicious links and attachments. If any executive member of your organization enters the login credentials of the business to the phishing site, he will give access to unauthorized persons.

3. BYOD Consequences

Most of the small businesses tend to use BYOD techniques due to the limited availability of resources. Bring your own devices means that employees can bring their laptops to work. When so many devices are connected to the office network, the viruses and Trojans can be injected quickly.

4. App Frauds

There are thousands of fake apps that have malicious attachments. If any device on your network ends up installing these counterfeit apps on the official devices, it can cause a security breach.

5. Weak Passwords

If your employees are still using QWERTY as their account passwords, they are already welcoming the hackers. Most of the cyber-attacks are carried out by breaking the easy-to-guess passwords. Orange County cybersecurity services emphasize having strong passwords for your devices and accounts.

6. Slowing Down the Services

Your competitors can use different illegal tactics to slow down your servers and systems. Once your server indulges with unnecessary requests, it will slow down your services too.

7. Data Theft

Data theft can be carried out by any internal entity for personal gains or due to the presence of bugs in your systems. If you suspect any security breach or data theft at your organization, Orange County cybersecurity services can help you with the detection and elimination of the threat.

8. Malware

Malware is installed in your computers without your permission and can delete relevant data. Hackers and competitors can use malicious software to corrupt your business data. Losing essential business records can cost you a fortune.

9. MITM (Man in the Middle)

Man in the Middle attacks means that any unauthorized person has access to official communications. If any person has access to protected information, they can manipulate that information to exploit your business.

10. Non-Secure Wi-Fi

If you are not using advanced Wi-Fi security options for your network, you will always be at risk of cybersecurity attacks for small businesses. Orange County Cybersecurity Services can help you with the security of your networks.


Humans can make significant mistakes that can do damage to the business. If your employee has accidentally sent confidential files to any unauthorized person, you have opened doors for cybersecurity threats for your business.

To avoid cybersecurity threats, protect your business with security services that include monitoring and scanning of systems and networks to prevent your business from any significant cyber-attack.

To know more about cyber threats and attacks, feel free to contact CyberTrust IT Solutions, visit us at https://www.cybertrust-it.com/it-services/cybersecurity/.