Top 5 Points To Check While Choosing Cybersecurity Consultant For Businesses In Newport Beach

Top 5 Points To Check While Choosing Cybersecurity Consultant For Businesses In Newport Beach

Let’s face it either you are running a small or big business; there is no company or industry that is exempt or immune to cyber-attacks. That means having adequate security and risk management solutions from cybersecurity consultant to protect your business against cyber-attacks is essential in today’s digitally connected world.

But the challenge for most of the companies in Newport Beach is how to find best cybersecurity consultant in Newport Beach! Outsourcing cybersecurity services is standard in today’s time, whether it's for large or small businesses. Managing successful security programs need time and expertise, and by employing in-house cybersecurity, the staff is expensive.

While outsourcing becomes a cost-effective option, but how to choose the right cybersecurity consultant in Newport Beach, California. Here are a few questions you need to ask before doing business with them.

1. Data Breach Prevention Strategy

A data breach is one of the common cyber-attack in today’s world, and the cybersecurity consultant in Newport Beach who handles your data should have the plan to prevent them. Many IT service providing company features that we take your privacy and security seriously, but doesn’t hold up if companies can’t back it up with actionable steps.

So, when you discuss with cybersecurity consultant in Newport Beach about your business security, ask them about some of the specific things they do to prevent data breaches from happening. Therefore, after that, you would be able to entrust the company and decide whether to use their services and product for your data security.

2. Dual Factor Authentication

In today’s time, accessing your data from any corner of the world is easy, and to secure them from malicious activities, dual-factor authentication is essential. It is an identity verification process that requires the person to enter the password, and along with that needs to enter a unique code on real-time bases, it can be code or one-time login token or push notification received via text or email.

This double layer of security will help to reduce the risk of cyber-attack, i.e., if a hacker got your login credentials through the dark web, phishing scam, or by any other means, they still need another key to log in to your account.

Therefore, you need to confirm with a cybersecurity service provider that is their platform or tool has 2FA (Dual Factor Authentication). If not, are they using in the works, and if so, when they plan to roll out to customers?

3. GDPR Compliance

The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) came into effect from May 2018, and it is being applied to all the businesses and companies dealing with customers in the European Union. In the initial stage, there was no link between GDPR compliance and cybersecurity, but now it exists.

4. Access Control

It is being found that employee negligence can be the primary cause of data breaches. Due to human error and accidental data losses can also negatively impact corporate reputations. You may ask the company to use tight and appropriate access controls. So, to ensure that only employees who genuinely need to work with your data can access it.

Many companies give access control to workers who don’t require it, increasing the risk of data compromise. But when companies like CyberTrust IT Solutions monitors access controls and adjust accordingly, to reduce the risk of malicious actions affecting your data.

5. Software Update Policy

Old software can put networks and systems in danger for cyberattacks, particularly once hackers figure out how to misuse known vulnerabilities. It's more typical than you may think organizations to keep utilizing outdated software. A small study found that 89 percent of organizations use old applications to keep up access to filed data.

However, there are different reasons behind not keeping software updated, including an absence of awareness of more up to date software or not receiving internal prompts that advise clients to update. That is the reason it's a smart thought to ask the IT service providers that may give your next tech solutions. Cybersecurity service providers in Newport Beach, like CyberTrust IT Solutions, will help you in automatically updating software for you as required.

A few updates happen automatically through the cloud, or you can plan them to occur outside of business hours. At that point, your software remains present and protected from cyber threats without you expecting to recall.

Keep Cybersecurity a Top of Mind Concern

Cybersecurity of your business should stay at the forefront of your conversation with the IT service provider. As cybersecurity is an essential part of keeping your business running smoothly, improve efficiency, and reducing the risk of cyber threats.

You can use the above questions as the starting point to shape your discussion with cybersecurity consultant and know the services offered by them.

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