Benefits of Cybersecurity for your Business in Orange County

Benefits of Cybersecurity for your Business in Orange County

Cybersecurity is a series of measures taken to protect yourself from unauthorized access to information systems. Corporate cybersecurity is looking at the increasing use of computerized technology. If a system is compromised, unauthorized use can cause damage and can compromise the information of millions of users on the affected network.

Some prominent hacking stories are ramping up in the news outlet. When we talk about risk-based security, "... there were eight major data breaches in the first half of 2019, which resulted in the breach of 3.2 billion records."

Security Breaches Can Lead to Loss of Customers:

These breaches threaten not only personal privacy and information such as phone numbers and emails, but also financial accounts, social security numbers, and places of residence. This is a serious problem for companies that use and store records using information systems. The last thing that the consumers want to hear is that the security breach has been stolen. This can cause a loss of business customers. With enough attacks, the business itself can become obsolete.

Unfortunately, business hacks are the most significant part of security breaches. According to risk-based security, "The Mid Year Data Breach Quick View Report revealed that business units accounted for 67% of reported breaches. With so many data breaches, businesses need to take proactive measures. Following security protocols can reduce the likelihood of security breaches. Also, Cybersecurity services in Orange County can help companies to reduce the risk of cyber-attacks.

Familiarize yourself with today's cybersecurity threats:

According to the Cyber Security Breaches Survey in the USA, the first 6 months, Forbes reported that 2019 yielded 3,800 publicly disclosed breaches, a 52% increase from 2018’s first 6 months. These data breaches result in the corruption of files, software, systems, or websites, as well as the loss of assets and intellectual property.

These days, the most commonly faced cybersecurity threats are, sending fake emails, fake identity, viruses, malware and scam business, etc. A survey from the Cyber Security Breaches Survey found that the average economic impact of a company over the past 12 months was more than £ 3,000, which could have a significant effect on small business earnings.

With the recent implementation of the GDPR in May this year, this also means that companies need to report violations to the ICO (Information Commissioners Office). As a result, fines have increased dramatically. This means that the average cost of a data breach could increase further in the coming years.

Data leak protection:

One of the most dangerous and horrible threats in the field of cybersecurity is a data leak. This may cause a great business and the reputation of the business. Because no one wants to leak their data so why any person in the field going to trust that company?

Holding the best way to ensure that your data is protected from any breach is to limit the amount of personal information available in the public domain.

However, there are many other ways companies can minimize the risk of personal exposure. This is a dummy email account that companies can use to sign up for sites or services that don't want to provide a real email address. The bonus of the burner email is that replies can be set to be automatically forwarded to the actual email address, but this ensures that the company does not share email addresses.

If your business may have compromised your email account, there is an online tool called Have I been Pawned that allows users to search for multiple data breaches to see if their email address has been compromised.

Advanced social engineering tactics:

The time when people are just using the internet, and their data is saved in cloud storage; hackers are there to steal the data and earn/use that data. Over time, technology has evolved, but the way to hack is also evolved.

Phishing is the process of attempting to fraudulently retrieve personal information and exploit the account with which the data is associated, ranging from email access to bank accounts. As artificial intelligence is introduced in the market, criminals no more have to involve in the crime, but they use some automated software or other tactics to hack.

To protect your business from phishing scams, do not open or reply to unexpected emails requesting personal information. This can help companies that don't post too much personal information online because opportunistic scammers can use this information to convince them when contacting the business.

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